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Updated most applications to docker-compose v2 \o/


Sometimes, it is funny to browse commit history ;) Do not use Paris DATACENTER any more · indiehosters/LibrePaaS@b7574a7


Really nice project - Earth-friendly EOMA68 Computing Devices


Just gave some love to TLS reverse proxy for Docker:


Got unlisted from 1&1 blacklist \o/ just used and it was solved in 24h. Do not use twitter support for this kind of issues.


Back on track, we got an even better email sender reputation now

2 weeks ago, a user reported that he was marked as spam in some mail service provider.
After investigation and some actions, we are back on track with a high score of 97!


5 Ways to Check Your Sending Reputation


Add a security page · Issue #67 · indiehosters/website