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Hosting for freedom, not for profit!

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You can now sign in our @discourse forum from our @nextclouders Instance!
It was difficult, but we managed! I think it is the first time in the world (that I know of) that Nextcloud is used as an oauth2 provider :)
We'll write a blog post about it soon!


Building the Node A valuable feedback from one of our users!

You can also check this video to see the setup live :)


Come and meet us at FOSDEM 2017 - helps you to host your FLOSS


We have an official Nextcloud docker image \o/ cc @Nextclouders


Proud to sponsor the UK's first multi-day conference dedicated to platform cooperatives | Defining the new economy


It is now official! we have a official Known Docker image! \o/ cc @withknown


"Adieu GMail!" Feels good to be an IndieHoster :)


Presentation of submitted for in the decentralised Internet devroom, wait and see!


Updated most applications to docker-compose v2 \o/


Richard Stallman: Should We Have More Surveillance Than the USSR? - Internet Freedom - Lisbon (Lisbon) | Meetup