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Our Freedom Bundles are powered by ownCloud

3 min read

![ownCloud Screenshots](

Last week we introduced a new offer: the [IndieHosters Freedom Bundles]( The bundles are our
alternative to closed services like Google Apps or Microsoft Outlook,
with everything you need for your personal and business communication. A large
part of the functionality, for example storage and synchronization of files,
contacts and calendars, is powered by a software called [ownCloud](
We followed the development of ownCloud over the last few years and think it's
amazing how it grew from a small but great idea into a powerful and easy-to-use
free software tool that can compete with any proprietary system for online
communication and collaboration on the market. OwnCloud is nowadays developing
into a full-featured platform, with webmail and chat that is well integrated
with the core functionality like contact and file storage. The upcoming version
9, which will soon be a part of our bundles, is coming with extended federation
features, which means you will be able to connect with other ownClouds easily
and communicata and share data with your friends and co-workers. Due to its
popularity there is now even a company around ownCloud, that sells services and
support to enterprise customers. ownCloud is definitely one of the success
cases for the free software community and here for many more years to stay.

We will show more about those features and how we use them in upcoming posts,
so stay tuned for some hands-on demonstrations of the coolest ownCloud features.
We also had an exciting interview with two of the ownCloud core developers/designers,
Jan and Frank, at FOSDEM 2016 in Brussels, which we will publish in this blog
next Tuesday. It was very interesting to see the passion and love that the two
have for their "baby", and they shared some interesting thoughts about the
future of Internet Freedom and ownCloud with us. For us, ownCloud is a cornerstone
of the re-decentralized Internet of the future.

You can already try your ownCloud together with your own e-mail address right now:

* Choose our
[Personal Freedom Bundle](
to get freedom for your personal data;

* Or free your organisation or business with the [Organisation Freedom Bundle](;

* And, last but not least, for first steps on a shared instance you may check
out our [Basic Freedom Bundle](



We proudly present: The IndieHosters Freedom Bundles

3 min read

For most proprietary, closed and centralised services that people nowadays use
on the web there exists at least one
[free software](
alternative. As you might know, we, as IndieHosters, host and offer several of
those alternatives to our users. We want to give you back the control over your
data and free you from locked-in situations, where you cannot communicate with
users on different services and cannot get your data back under your control.

Besides the individual advantages our vision is the
[re-decentralisation]( of the Internet: an open
network of federated services where users as citizens have the freedom to choose
where to host their data. They might choose to install and run their own server,
pay a [hoster like us]( or [similar
like-minded organisations and companies]( that
they trust, or even use one of the popular and large-scale cloud platforms. Free
software web applications and open protocols are the cornerstone of this
infrastracture, as only those guarantee that users can connect between different
services and move the data to any other service if they find a solution that
fits them better.

We feel that more and more people become aware of the problems around central data
storage and the related accumulation of power, but we also notice that many
still do not know that alternatives exist or if they are good enough for their
daily work and communication. For this reason we decided to start an offer that
we call "[Freedom Bundles](".
The bundles are our alternative to cloud services like Gmail and Outlook,
and provide everything you need in your daily communication and collaboration,
whether at home or for work. As we want to show you some of the cool features of
our bundles and the free software applications that are part of them, we will
at the same time start a series of blog posts about our new offer. In one post
per week we will, for example, publish screencasts and howtos in which we
demonstrate the most useful features of the application, or do an interview with
one of the developers to learn more about the history and vision of the app.
Last but not least we will also give the word to you, our users, to learn more
about your reasons to use free software instead of closed and locked services.

We will start with our blog post campaign on the 1st of March with a more
detailed descriptions of the bundles. In the beginning the focus will be on
ownCloud as the cornerstone of our new offer. We are already very excited to
learn about the app from a different angle, and invite you all to join us on
our journey through the Internet of the future. Stay tuned!

### [Go to the Freedom Bundles](


IndieHosters at FOSDEM 2016

1 min read

Interested in discussing about IndieHosters work and the re-decentralization of the Internet with us? Peter will visit the [FOSDEM 2016]( next weekend, this will be a good opportunity to meet! Let us know if you are there and when/where we could meet. Peter is co-organising the devroom [Coding for Language Communities](, so you will definitely find him there... :-) See you in Brussels!


The new blog!

2 min read

### IndieWeb

Since the beginning, we are engaged to support the IndieWeb, but we didn't have an indie blog ourself. It is now fixed!

We use [known]( to power this blog and we really love it. It allows us to publish on our own site and syndicate to twitter, facebook, and Linkedin(soon) ([POSSE](
Thanks to [bridgy]( we are also able to gather likes and comments from these [silos](, and aggregate them on our own blog (like on this [post](

With all these features, it means we are in control of what we publish. Nobody can cansor us or dictate the way we should or shouldn't publish our content. More than that, we also offer to our followers the possbility to follow on these silos (twitter, facebook, linkedin, but also on this blog with [rss](

### Topics

We plan to speak about various things on this blog. We know that our main audience is technical, but we also have supporters that are maybe not that interested on the technical side, but very interested about redecentralising the web.
We'll publish original content and also [repost]( interesting information.
So we'll use a classic mechanism of [tags](

- \#status for every updates about IndieHosters
- \#interview for interviews we'll produce
- \#fr for language specific content
- \#event for everything related to events we'll attend.
- \#privacy for everything related to why [I have something to hide](!
- \#FLOSS for everything related to Free/Libre Open Source Software
- \#tech for the technical bits

These tags will allow you to follow just specific topic if you are interested.

We hope you'll enjoy reading this new blog as much as we do publishing to it :)

Let us know if you have ideas or if you want to have some guess posts!

All the best and bon bout d'an! (Happy piece of year)

(And we re-imported all the old blogs for fun, enjoy reading!)



Framadrive - aider à degoogliser Internet

1 min read

Nous sommes fiers de lancer, en partenariat avec Framasoft, une instance gratuite de ownCloud.

Pour plus d'information, vous pouvez aller visiter le [Framablog](

Ceci s'inscrit dans notre mission partagée de [dégoogliser les Internets](!

Si vous voulez plus d'information, n'hésitez pas à [nous contacter](!



Hello World²

1 min read

### a new IndieHosters WebSite!

#### A better way to communicate with you

It's been almost a year now we are working on IndieHosters. We try really hard to reach you. And so we built this brand new website to explain better what is the mission of IndieHosters.

We hope you'll like it and we are waiting your comments!

Thanks to continue to follow our adventures! We are preparing big improvements.

If you have advices to help us improve the website, please do not hesitate to open a new issue in the [forum](! Thanks!

(if not already done, you can register on our [newsletter](



Ouishare Awards

1 min read

## Long time no see

Yes, it was quite a while since the last post. But we haven't been sleeping, do not worry. In the meantime, some more people have joined the movement. We are now hosting around 80 people.
We are also working hard on ways we can offer a better infrastructure. For that reason, we'll head to Paris in May - for the [OuiShare Labs](

## OuiShare Awards

We are delighted to tell you that we are nominated for the OuiShare Awards. Here is the video for the pitch:

(It was quickly made over a weekend, faster than the crowdfunding video ;) )

You can support us by voting there: [](

Please, share, make memes, make fun of us, but spread the word!

## Bonus track

In March we were invited to participate to [FLOSS4P2P](, a great conference, with excellent speakers. We had a great time, and we even pitched IndieHosters!

You can find the video of the pitch bellow:




Signup now open

3 min read

## Signup is now open!

Two months have passed since the successful completion of our IndieGoGo
campaign, and everybody should have received their stickers and hosting
perks by now (if you didn't, please let us know).

As we found that some of you wanted to have a managed personal server
just for private use, not for making anything public to the world, we
added ownCloud as a fourth product (apart from Known, WordPress and
static webhosting).

Both Pierre and Michiel now offer managed personal server hosting of
those four products, for 8 euros / month.

Whereas Pierre specializes in hosting Known, WordPress, and ownCloud
(with piwik stats!), Michiel will also manage any other personal server
software for you at no extra cost, as long as it's technically doable.
So if you have any favorite personal server software which you would
like to try out (Sandstorm? Ethereum? Ghost? Cozy? Wallabag? GitLab?),
now you can!

Apart from that, we are preparing to offer a few services to all of you.
We worked hard to get on-the-fly activation of applications working,
meaning each customer can have as many applications as they want
'sleeping' on the server, and they only wake up when you use them. This
morning, Michiel just switched the first of his servers from haproxy to
Snickers ([technical info]( to
prepare for this, and Pierre will soon also achieve the same effect,
using "socket activated docker" ([technical info](

We believe migrations, and your freedom to move from one provider to
another, are a fundamental part of managed personal server hosting, and
of how you can own your little domain on the Internet, without getting
locked in to any specific service provider. Let us give two examples of
how the IndieHosters migration network made a difference in its first
two months of operation.

As you know, IndieHosters offer migration for free. So for instance, if
you have a blog on '' or '',
you can click export, come to us with the zip file, and we will make
sure your existing blogposts get ported to your own server (e.g. when we set it up for you. In the case of Known, this is
actually a world-first, and we as the IndieHosters network were also
involved, contributing and helping the awesome Known team to get these
migrations working.

As another example, take []( (previously known as OpenPhoto),
who are shutting down next month. In reaction, we started offering
Trovebox hosting. Hopefully all migrations will be complete before their
shutdown date of 15 March, and this can be a solution for the "site death". If this operation succeeds, then it would
also be a world-first, and hopefully we can do the same for many site
deaths to come, as internet startups that host our content keep shutting
down each month.

So you see, all the more reasons to support IndieHosters! If you
didn't get a perk from the crowdfunding campaign, we have good news:
general signup is now open for you. For 8 euros per month, [get your own
managed internet server](



The Start Page

4 min read

## Just configuring

Since we started, a lot of people are asking us how exactly IndieHosters is different from:

- classic CMS hosting
- Cpanel
- ..

First of all, we want to state out loud, we are not writing software. Pieces of code you can find on [github/indiehosters]( are mostly configuration and documentation.

IndieHosters is a network of Hosters that share an ideology and a migration format. We have now a "reference implementation" on how to run the migration format. But this implementation is just configuration of industry standard tools - namely CoreOS. (But tomorrow, we'll also have ubuntu, and probably yours)

(Later we'll publish more on the [migration format](

## Oh wait!

### How can the users "control" their applications?

This is indeed a good question. Some people made the choice to write software to solve this problem. We call it meta-software, software to manage software. There is already a bunch on the free software market:

- [YunoHost](
- [Sandstorm](
- [arkos](
- [Freedom Box](
- [Cozy](
- [ownCloud](
- [webmin](

And actually, we plan to offer hosting also for these in the future. One of the problems of these software products is they are aimed at technical people. And they all have some kind of technical restrictions:
- one VM/hardware per user
- one language for all the applications
- strong opinion on how to run the software

We plan to offer hosting at scale, on shared resources, and in an easy way.

## Introducing the StartPage

### Socket activation

One of the ideas we have in mind is to use [Socket Activation]( For the non technical people, it means that for a user, all the applications we offer will be available from the first registration. And just during the first connection to the application, the software will be started.

So at the end, the start page is basically a static html page with links to the different applications.

We are still at the planning phase, and we have to benchmark this technique, but we are really enthusiastic about this idea.

### Migration button

Then for every application, there will be a migration button that will allow you to migrate from one Hoster to another. We believe that this is really our value added for the user to be able to migrate. It's getting closer and closer to the feeling of freedom you could have in the time your data were on your computer.

### IndieWeb use case

Let's take the IndieWeb application that we are currently hosting for alpha users and [offering as a pre-sale]( Being part of the IndieWeb, is basically having your domain name with a blogging platform.

The plan for registration is:

- get an IndieHoster based on your language
- connect with email/google/facebook/twitter
- choose your domaine name (guessed on your connection)
- access your start page
- access your blogging application (we choose [known]( as default)

And on the start page, on the blog section, in "advanced area", you could access other blogging platforms from,, and so on. And you'll also have the possibility to switch your main domain to another one with a click.

### Summary

To sum up, the start page will have the following functionalities:

- links to admin panels of applications
- choose the application that is on the main domain
- migrate to another hoster
- download a zip file of all your data
- submit a support ticket

## Conclusion

As you can see, it's still ongoing discussion :) We'd love to hear your feedback on that! But we believe that there is room to develop a good and simple user experience, and not another store/meta-software.

The idea is to start with this simple html page, and accept email tickets. And slowly, we'll see the needs appearing. We can't predict the future, but for IndieWeb hosting this is the experience we plan.



We are CrowdFunding

2 min read

## CrowdFunding

We just finished everything, and are ready to accept our first clients. We choose [Indiegogo]( to pre-sale our service.

### You can check our video here:

## 100 users to start in January

We aim to get 100 clients, and start giving them IndieWeb applications from January. We believe it is a realistic goal. We already have 15 users in beta with wordpress. And we are polishing details for known. Then we'll work on a small interface for the user choose his domain name. And we'll be ready to send activation link by the end of January.

## 2 beers a month

We did everything possible to offer you the cheapest we could. And we get to this price: 50€/domain/year. We really hope you'll enjoy it and buy it for you and your relatives. And the big thing is whatever application we add in the future, you'll have it, without paying more!

## Migration Oriented

We really believe that as a hosting network, we really make a difference by offering a "migration oriented" service. And hopefully hosting companies will adapt this philosophy little by little. We're preparing a blog post about this subject to detail a bit more our plans on that.