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News app accessible from our Cloud! #Nextcloud

Today we added a new app to follow the different website you love, an rss reader.

How to get it?

First, you'd need to [SignIn]( or [Register](

And then:
- Go to the menu on the top right, and choose "MyApps" (it is our internal app store)
- Go to the category "Cloud apps" it is the section with all Nextcloud apps you can install.
- Click to request on any app you like (we receive a notification in our chat)

As soon as we see it, we install it for you! As simple as that!

If you have any request or idea, please do not hesitate to open the chat on the bottom right :)


Was your email down? No sorry it was gmail \o/

I love to answer support ticket like this! Good to start the day this way!

Have a nice day too!


Back on track, we got an even better email sender reputation now

2 weeks ago, a user reported that he was marked as spam in some mail service provider.
After investigation and some actions, we are back on track with a high score of 97!