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Why am I joining IndieHosters ?

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The story
Some months ago I heard of IndieHosters as a possible solution to host a local food consumption website. I then went to IndieHosters website and found a forum entry called "Future of IndieHosters":
Well, as a Sociocracy 3.0 (S3.0) practicioner and facilitator, as well as following my reading of the book "Business Model Generator", I found I might be of service by bringing in some of these tools.
We scheduled a meeting to get to know each other and understand what we could serve each other, and I then got to facilitate a Business Model Canvas exercise for IndieHosters, Netureza and Ecobytes, and an exercise to identify common needs.
After a while I sent an e-mail proposing a set of services and wishing for the hosting of some solutions.
The response was an Invitation to join in.
The why
So...why have I accepted this proposal?
I've been reconnecting with the IT guy within me, after some time being angry with him, and I relate to the Freedom empowerment message, through free software.
Also, being an advocate of collaborative organizational systems, and namely S3.0, I have found value in practicing what I am advocating for, and have been taking all oportunities I have to use it in the field.
In IndieHosters I found the openness to bring in this knowledge and experience and also the room to explore, while learning, some fields like product-awareness and data-analytics, while working for a driver that I can relate with, which aims for Common Good. 
In Pierre, I found a person I can trust.
And I found him advocating for a self-management policy also, which was completely aligned with S3.0.
So I started exchanging hosting for work hours, will get a comission on new clients I bring in and we will re-evaluate this on the following months, to check if this is still fair for both of us.
So, some of my first work will be about implementing some metrics, so some links you will see will have Piwik behind.
This is because we adopted the 7 principles of S3.0, being one of them Empiricism and the other Continuous Improvement. (find them all in
You might find my work on some tracking-links, on some texts, and I ask you that if ever you find any kind of tension around any of IndieHosters actions, mine or not, please do not hesitate to share and we shall navigate through it together. is me, a human being that is currently presenting services as Independent IT and Organization Consultant and Facilitator, able to serve as Conflict Mediator, joining IndieHosters as OFF - Online Freedom Facilitator. 
May our collaboration contribute to Freedom, Common Good while respecting individual privacy.
And may all be happy !
P.S. Curiosity after joining I realized I was born in the year free software movement started to campaign for computer users freedom (
P.S.2...I am currently building my website and preparing migration to free software as much as I find it more effective to the current needs I am serving, so whenever you think of some possible incoherence in my speech versus my actions, do tell me as I value coherence and shall see your sharing as an opportunity to more coherence and clarification.
Sign up for IndieHosters and regain Internet Freedom.

Our public services: They are free as in free beer :)


Beta testing GitLab


In response to

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@jwildeboer @nextclouders Really glad about the debate. Let me take a bit more than 140 chars to answer!

Indeed we are not open source, we are a free software shop, but I understand that some people can confuse :P

So yes, we offer Free Software as a Service. Among them, we offer The price is 100€/year for one instance. (check the prices of Slack also :) )
You can read an interview of us here:

We don't give any money to RocketChat nor Nextcloud, we offer Services around. We host it, backup it, secure it, and provision an https certificate for you.

Of course as a free software user, you are also free to run it on your own hardware at home and so on, we are not against it, quiet the contrary. We believe Internet should be decentralized and people should host at home. Freedombox is not there yet, yunohost is great, but it is still difficult to do it at home, especially email, so we are a workaround in the meantime. And for some use case, it is better to use us than having a server at home, if you are afraid that somebody breaks into your house and cease your server for instance.
We also plan to work with these projects to offer services to the end user, like encrypted backup on our infrastructure, possibility to migrate from one to the other and vice versa.

We don't give money to the free software we host, but we give something even more valuable, brain time.
I am personally helping to make official docker image for RocketChat, Nextcloud, Piwik, Mattermost, ownCloud, known.
The market value of this donation is many k€.
We also report bugs, feature request and so on, just check my [github account](, 1,112 contributions last year. Again, the market price value of this is many k€.

On top of that, all our infrastructure, and recipes are also free software. You can find it here: I don't know any other hoster doing that. But actually we help some to use, we helped libre-a-toi for instance.
We maintain a list of hosters with the same mind set here: but actually, I'm not sure any of them is publishing its infra, the way we do.

Ah, and we respect these manifestos:

Ah! And I almost forgot, we have open/libre finance also, here you can find some documents:

I'm part time on this project, and in 2015, we made 2,396€ benefits. so if you count 1,040hours per year (part time, I think I'm way above), it means, my hourly rate is... a lot lower than market value...

So it means, either we are too cheap, or we don't know how to manage. But please, it is libre, so if you know a way to improve, please let us know! But I believe we just need more users actually :)


PS: if you eat your sarcasms, could you make a video of it? :P


News app accessible from our Cloud! #Nextcloud

Today we added a new app to follow the different website you love, an rss reader.

How to get it?

First, you'd need to [SignIn]( or [Register](

And then:
- Go to the menu on the top right, and choose "MyApps" (it is our internal app store)
- Go to the category "Cloud apps" it is the section with all Nextcloud apps you can install.
- Click to request on any app you like (we receive a notification in our chat)

As soon as we see it, we install it for you! As simple as that!

If you have any request or idea, please do not hesitate to open the chat on the bottom right :)


Glad to be a @nextclouders