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We are about to start a new service to help sustain IndieHosters, and we wanted to let you know!


If you have issues, problems or pain points with your IT infrastructure at any level, we can probably help you.


We are a team of 3 passionate experts in different fields that can help you solve any issue on all the stack.

Our main area of Knowledge is Docker and its ecosystem, We develop since more than 2 years now, and gained a lot of knowledge on how to host Docker in production for a great quantity of different stacks.


We would be happy to help in any of the following:


  • Docker / Docker-Compose
  • CoreOS
  • Nginx/HAProxy/Apache
  • Email (imap/smtp/pop/spam/DKIM/SPF...)


  • Chat (Rocket.Chat, Mattermost)
  • Forum (Discourse)
  • Wiki (MediaWiki)
  • Blogs/CMS (WordPress, Known..)
  • Nextcloud

We can provide support, install, setup, prepare/give trainings, user support and hosting of course.


We are part of the Docker community and helped Dockerize many popular FLOSS application (piwik, known, Nextcloud, Rocket.Chat). So we can dockerize yours.


Please get in touch if you have any questions regarding these activities. If we don't know we'll give you contacts of trustable persons we work with.


And Happy New Year!