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Why I support Silex

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# Why I support [Silex](!

## Redecentralize the web

I won't [reexplain]( [why]( [it]( [is]( [necessary]([indispensable]([urgent]( to [redecentralize]( the web.
Many website/people are doing it better than me.
On this particular matter, we can celebrate the fact that [Wordpress is powering more than 25% of the web!](
But I'm wondering, what is its growth compared to Wix, 1&1, Amazon S3, GitHub pages...?

These services are focusing on streamlining website publishing.
As you know, IndieHoster's mission is to help redecentralize the web.
But we noticed that people want to have an easy way to publish information on their website.
However, when people want to publish one page with the physical address of their shop, there is no easy solution.

## How to create a website

The only FLOSS i know that is able to do this are:

- [Odoo](
- [Mautic](
- [Superglue](
- perhaps Wordpress with some plugins

The main problem with these tools is that their are not dedicated to website creation, thus people who only want to create a landing page or a one page website would/could be quickly lost.

Hopefully the Silex team ( is handling this task and has built a nice app for that.

The main differences between Silex and the above applications are:

- Silex generates a HTML code that can be hosted everywhere (no need to understand the complexity of hosting)
- Imagine a Free and online Dreamweaver (with a cleaner HTML :) )
- The software is very intuitive and easy-to-use, requiring a minimum of training, if you want to add a box, a text or an image you just have to click on the dedicated icon and What you will see is what you'll get

I think that this app is not perfect, but is already very good and above all it's the only FLOSS allowing you to create a website so easily and quickly.

## To deploy easily a website with [Silex](

From my personal point of view, the main missing functionality is the ability to deploy easily a website with your own domain name (and https) without technical skills!
On top of that, no website builder allows https, thus it could be a better technical solution!

The idea would be :
- I generate my HTML with [Silex](
- I create an IndieHosters account (free with or paid with my own domain name)
- My website is online!

Tomorrow we can imagine more services suppliers, but today I'm still/(sadly) the only one to see the potential of this solution.
That's why [we need you]( to support the development of this functionality. And others like internationalisation, more templates and a better documentation.

We need your support for:
- sharing this post
- spreading the word (around you)
- giving some time/[money](

It would be AWESOME!

## benefits for IndieHosters

On IndieHosters side, It is also an amazing opportunity, this would allow us to improve our [freedom bundle](
On top of:

- email
- cloud/file sync
- calendar
- contact

We'll give the possibility to our users to publish easily their own website on Internet on their own domain. This would be a chance to develop further the [IndieWeb](!

## Fight against the digital divide

Last but note least, the Silex Labs team does not only maintain this amazing software, they also help people in digital need to understand website creation process.
It's a fantastic project and it's another good reason to support Silex.
You can read more [here](

Finally here are 2 good reasons to support and fund this project (!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me I will be glad to answer them.