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Our Freedom Bundles are powered by ownCloud

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![ownCloud Screenshots](

Last week we introduced a new offer: the [IndieHosters Freedom Bundles]( The bundles are our
alternative to closed services like Google Apps or Microsoft Outlook,
with everything you need for your personal and business communication. A large
part of the functionality, for example storage and synchronization of files,
contacts and calendars, is powered by a software called [ownCloud](
We followed the development of ownCloud over the last few years and think it's
amazing how it grew from a small but great idea into a powerful and easy-to-use
free software tool that can compete with any proprietary system for online
communication and collaboration on the market. OwnCloud is nowadays developing
into a full-featured platform, with webmail and chat that is well integrated
with the core functionality like contact and file storage. The upcoming version
9, which will soon be a part of our bundles, is coming with extended federation
features, which means you will be able to connect with other ownClouds easily
and communicata and share data with your friends and co-workers. Due to its
popularity there is now even a company around ownCloud, that sells services and
support to enterprise customers. ownCloud is definitely one of the success
cases for the free software community and here for many more years to stay.

We will show more about those features and how we use them in upcoming posts,
so stay tuned for some hands-on demonstrations of the coolest ownCloud features.
We also had an exciting interview with two of the ownCloud core developers/designers,
Jan and Frank, at FOSDEM 2016 in Brussels, which we will publish in this blog
next Tuesday. It was very interesting to see the passion and love that the two
have for their "baby", and they shared some interesting thoughts about the
future of Internet Freedom and ownCloud with us. For us, ownCloud is a cornerstone
of the re-decentralized Internet of the future.

You can already try your ownCloud together with your own e-mail address right now:

* Choose our
[Personal Freedom Bundle](
to get freedom for your personal data;

* Or free your organisation or business with the [Organisation Freedom Bundle](;

* And, last but not least, for first steps on a shared instance you may check
out our [Basic Freedom Bundle](