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The new blog!

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### IndieWeb

Since the beginning, we are engaged to support the IndieWeb, but we didn't have an indie blog ourself. It is now fixed!

We use [known]( to power this blog and we really love it. It allows us to publish on our own site and syndicate to twitter, facebook, and Linkedin(soon) ([POSSE](
Thanks to [bridgy]( we are also able to gather likes and comments from these [silos](, and aggregate them on our own blog (like on this [post](

With all these features, it means we are in control of what we publish. Nobody can cansor us or dictate the way we should or shouldn't publish our content. More than that, we also offer to our followers the possbility to follow on these silos (twitter, facebook, linkedin, but also on this blog with [rss](

### Topics

We plan to speak about various things on this blog. We know that our main audience is technical, but we also have supporters that are maybe not that interested on the technical side, but very interested about redecentralising the web.
We'll publish original content and also [repost]( interesting information.
So we'll use a classic mechanism of [tags](

- \#status for every updates about IndieHosters
- \#interview for interviews we'll produce
- \#fr for language specific content
- \#event for everything related to events we'll attend.
- \#privacy for everything related to why [I have something to hide](!
- \#FLOSS for everything related to Free/Libre Open Source Software
- \#tech for the technical bits

These tags will allow you to follow just specific topic if you are interested.

We hope you'll enjoy reading this new blog as much as we do publishing to it :)

Let us know if you have ideas or if you want to have some guess posts!

All the best and bon bout d'an! (Happy piece of year)

(And we re-imported all the old blogs for fun, enjoy reading!)